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ORCID is a registry of unique identifiers for researchers and scholars that is open, non-proprietary, transparent, mobile, and community-based. ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other contributor and supports automated linkages among all your professional activities. If you don't already know your ORCID, find it and/or get one at:

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If you have an ISNI, get an ORCID too and import your ISNI profile to your ORCID. ORCID and ISNI are ISO-certified global standards for identifying the contributors to scholarly and/or creative works and those active in their distribution. ORCID focuses solely on the researcher community, while ISNIs can be assigned to writers, artists, visual arts creators, performers, producers, publishers, aggregators, and other notable individuals who have been written about, filmed, or recorded. In January of 2014, ISNI and ORCID signed a formal Memo of Understanding for a strategic partnership resulting in an ISNI2ORCID tool that allows ORCID registrants to import data from their ISNI profile to their ORCID profile.


ORCID's Brief (2-slide presentation on SlideShare) ORCID's Overview (30-slide presentation on SlideShare) ORCID Help (KnowledgeBase) (keyword searchable database)

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Digital Commons

Digital Commons

Coming Soon! CSUMB's IR: Digital Commons

Digital Commons (e.g.: bepress) managed by the Library here at CSUMB. Update your PI Profile today.

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Unfunded Human Subjects Research

Unfunded Human Subjects Research

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Ephemeral Artwork