Analysis for Individual Matching

Analysis for Individual Matching (AIM) blends traditional, proven, methods of deriving funding opportunity search terms with new media methods of search term derivation.

We begin by getting to know you as a unique professional, identifying your research interests, as well as your qualities and accomplishments that sponsors will (likely) recognize too.

To do this, we’ll compile permalinks (URLs) to your publications and scholarship, presentations given and posters presented, research experience, shows and installations, as well as your professional awards, relevant courses you’ve taught, and your professional association and/or society memberships.

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Permalinks for your compendium are documented in your PlumX PI Profile, a web-based application for connecting the dots (links) to your scattered professional outputs and data across the internet.

Based on your PI Profile in PlumX, Sponsored Programs staff will use a combination of new media technologies including natural language processing of your profile content to analyze and identify concepts, and extract candidate search terms (keywords). Candidate keywords will then be explored together, by the PI and SPO, to ascertain the most highly relevant keywords for use in funding opportunity search.

We call it: Keyword Optimization

Traditionally, new opportunities for external funding have been identified using keywords self-selected based on topic familiarity and/or similar funding opportunity keywords. This approach yields a wide variety of prospective opportunities which must be meticulously sifted through in order to identify an ideally suited one. AIM systematically analyzes a PI’s professional repertoire, reflecting the PI’s strengths, which yields highly-relevant keywords for funding opportunity searches. This approach results in a smaller number of more relevant funding opportunities for a PI to sift through. Using robust content analysis software in conjunction with evolving applications, a ranked list of words is then systematically explored for context and meaning until a distilled (key)word list is derived for funding opportunity search.

First let's prep your professional profile information for AIM.