College of Health Sciences and Human Services

PPS Credential

PPSC 2020 Cohort Two Year Pathway

Cohort year is based on the year the student begins the Program.

First Year, Fall 2020

  • SW 501 - Diversity and Justice
  • SW 510 - Foundations of the Social Work Profession
  • SW 520 - Generalist Practice: Individuals and Families
  • SW 540 - Cross-Cultural Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • SW 596* - Field Practicum I

First Year, Spring 2021

  • SW 530 - Generalist Practice: Groups
  • SW 531 - Generalist Practice: Community and Organizational Practice
  • SW 550 - Social Work Research
  • SW 570 - Social Policy and Analysis
  • SW 598* - Field Practicum II

Summer (optional): Depending on Faculty Availability

  • SPED 560 - Inclusionary Practices (SW Elective option) *online course that can generally be taken Fall, Summer, or Spring

Second Year, Fall 2021

  • SW 565 - School Social Work (SW Elective)
  • SW 600 - Applied Social Work Research Project I
  • SW 620 - Advanced Generalist Practice: Engagement & Assessment
  • SW 564 - Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice (SW Elective)
  • SW 696* - Advanced Field Practicum I (Monthly)

Second Year, Spring 2022

  • MAE 645 - Educational Policy and Advocacy (If earning CW credential)
  • SW 670 - Social Policy and Advocacy
  • SW 630 - Advanced Generalist Practice: Intervention & Evaluation
  • SW 611 - Social Work with Children, Youth, & Families (SW Advanced Elective)
  • SW 698* - Advanced Field Practicum II (Monthly)
  • SW 601 (optional) - Applied Social Work Research Project II (dependent on student interest & faculty availability) **This course can be replaced with a PPSC required elective

**Field Practicum is agency-based and Integrative Seminar meets monthly

MSW Electives

As a School Social Work student, you will have a minimum of FOUR prescribed electives.

Complete three of the following Foundation elective courses:

  • SW 564: Trauma-Informed Practice
  • SW 565: School Social Work
  • SPED 560: Inclusionary Practices

Complete one Advanced Practice elective course:

  • SW 611: Social Work with Children, Youth & Families

Complete the following courses if you are pursuing the add-on Child Welfare & Attendance Specialization:

  • MAE 645 - Educational Policy & Advocacy

For the past two years, the Department of Social Work has been offering students the option to take Applied Social Work Research Project in either one course or two consecutive courses. If Applied Social Work Research Project is completed in one semester then a fifth elective will be needed. If Applied Social Work Research Project is completed in two semesters, the second semester will be an independent study, and a fifth elective is not needed. A total of 60 units are needed to graduate.