College of Health Sciences and Human Services


Mission and Goals

Social Workers Change Futures

The mission of the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program is to prepare advanced social work practitioners to meet the needs of multicultural, multilingual, and diverse populations; to be ethical leaders in community-based practice; and to advocate for social and economic justice. The MSW program also maintains a special focus on the community issues of the California Central Coast region.


To carry out the MSW program mission, five program goals are further developed to lay out the expected competency areas in clinical and cultural expertise, ethical leadership, critical thinking, conflict resolution, interdisciplinary collaboration, inclusive community process, and use of technology to provide culturally competent services, program planning, and policy development.

  • Prepare clinically and culturally competent social work practitioners to provide human services for the diverse populations;
  • Prepare social work practitioners to engage in scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and use of information technology to inform evidence-based practice;
  • Prepare advanced practitioners with social work values and ethics, conflict resolution, and ethical leadership;
  • Enhance collaboration and inclusive community process with community, stakeholders and the service delivery systems; and
  • Advocate for social and economic justice by addressing policies that create socio-economic disparity, oppression and discrimination.

Support Us

The Department of Social Work manages seven grants working to educate the next generation of social workers while also helping to introduce social work to the surrounding areas.We have developed relationships with local high schools and community colleges with the hopes to spark an interest in social work in the attending individuals.

It is our hard work, the welcoming nature of the local community and your generous donation that enables the Program to continue to offer an exemplary graduate education. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!