Student Information Systems

Student Information Systems - Cal State Monterey Bay

Student Information Systems (SIS) provides:

  • Project Management Support Services for Enrollment Services & Student Affairs
  • Administration of Access to Student Information Systems,
  • Overall System Maintenance & Operational Support Services and
  • Liaison support between Enrollment Services/Student Affairs and Information Technology/Project Management Office

Projects Types SIS Supports:

  • System Implementations (Including the search and review process for new or replacement systems.)
  • Custom Enhancements & Modifications
  • Infrastructure Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Process Improvements, Re-Designs & Trouble Shooting
  • Data Interface Between Systems
  • Third-Party Product Reviews

Primary Systems Supported:

  • Otter Academic Student Information System (OASIS) as Primary Student Information System
  • Document Imaging & WorkFlow (OnBase)
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Other "Cloud" Platforms