Service Learning Institute

Student Forms

Several of the following forms are required for the Service Learning placement process. Please read the descriptions below. Then download the form needed by clicking on it and complete the necessary paperwork for your Service Learning experience.

Learning Agreement - Required

  • Must be completed before beginning service
  • Submitted to the faculty and kept for the semester
  • Submitted to the Service Learning Institute at the end of the semester

Attention service learners: This form is required if you have NOT registered your service site on MySLP/S4.

The paper version of the CSUMB Waiver of Liability is used when service learners are unable to complete their service site registration on MySLP/S4, or, are asked to participate in activities or events that are not tied to a course and take place off campus. If you are unable to register your service online via MySLP/S4, this form must be completed, signed and submitted to your professor before you begin your service.