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National, Local, & Co-Curricular Service Initiatives


Nationally, AmeriCorps is known as the domestic Peace Corps and provides a huge array of services to those in need. The AmeriCorps Volunteer Infrastructure Project (VIP) is designed to address the significant challenges faced by California communities due to the recent economic downturn. [Click to read more]

Chinatown Renewal Project

The 12-square blocks that form Salinas’ Chinatown are, literally and figuratively, cut off from much of the rest of the greater community. The area is blocked from a main thoroughfare by railroad tracks, and blocked from full participation with the rest of the City because of its reputation as a haven for illicit activity.

But change is happening! [Click to read more]

Catalyst Center

The Catalyst Center is a resource center for students participating in realms of co-curricular service, including; community engagement, civic engagement, volunteering, and philanthropy. [Click to read more]

Service Learning Student Projects

Our service learning students have created some wonderful videos for projects they have created. Please click to view some of them.

Service Learning Institute

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