What service learning experiences are offered at CSUMB?

Over 30 different service learning experiences are offered each semester. We're sure you will find one that fits with your interests as well as one that assists you in fulfilling your CSUMB service learning requirement. For the most current listing of service learning opportunities, check the CSUMB Catalog and Course Schedule. Please note, service learning courses are identified by an "S" following the course number (e.g. LS 393S).

How much time will I be expected to serve with the community?

It differs among the service learning experiences offered. In Introduction to Service in Multicultural Communities, students are required to serve with the community for a minimum of 30 hours. Other service learning experiences may require more or less time depending on the learning objectives of the course and the activities that the faculty and community partner have agreed upon. You will want to check with the faculty member teaching the service learning course to verify the minimum time required so you can arrange your schedule accordingly.

Do I get to choose my service site?

Yes. As faculty members develop service learning experiences, they work with community organizations to find the appropriate fit between their learning objectives and the needs and resources of each organization. Usually, instructors will provide you with a list of sites to choose from. They may even arrange class visits or field trips to the sites to guide you toward finding an organization that would appreciate your talents and skills. SLI houses the "Community Partners Database" which contains information on over 700 organizations interested in working with YOU!

Who will guide my service learning experiences?

In conjunction with the uniquely caring CSUMB faculty, the Service Learning Institute's dedicated staff members coordinate all service learning experiences. They welcome you and will be happy to address your questions and concerns. Feel free to visit us in Pacific Hall (Bldg 44), or call (831) 582-3644 for more information.

Do I need a TB test or background check/fingerprinting? Who pays the fee?

Most schools require students to have a TB test. Some sites other than schools also require a TB test. If you are unsure of your site's TB testing requirements or background check requirements check with your site supervisor, CSUMB faculty or contact the SLI Coordinator of Community Partnerships at (831) 582-4184.

You may call the CSUMB Campus Health Center for an appointment and free test at (831) 582-3965. You must set up an appointment before going to the Campus Health Center (CHC) and make sure your CSUMB faculty has provided your name to the CHC BEFORE you make an appointment.

If you have had a TB test in the past two years, simply provide a copy of your results to your school site coordinator.

Initial TB tests are free to students. However, if a student misses their appointment or does not call 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment to reschedule, the student is responsible for paying for the TB test.

Most schools in our database system do not require a background check/fingerprinting if a credentialed teacher is supervising you at all times. Some sites and schools do require a background check/fingerprinting, and you will need to pay for the cost if you are interested in serving at that particular site or school. It is always best to check with the school principal or your site supervisor if you are unsure of the background check/fingerprinting policy.

For more information, please visit our TB test/Fingerprinting page.