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REMINDER: Service Learning is following a HYBRID schedule for Fall 2021!

Fall 2021 SL Opportunities 

Alternative Virtual Service Opportunities 

  • SPREADSHEETRemote/Virtual Service Hubs - Includes regional, national and international service learning opportunities. REMINDER: Please read instructions carefully when registering with virtual service hubs. Virtual Service Hubs should be registered as SHORT TERM AGREEMENTS and list the SL Instructor or SL student as the Site Supervisor. Virtual Hub service organizers are not able to serve as Site Supervisors, approve Time Logs, etc - this must be tracked and managed by the SL student and the instructor.

MySLP/S4 Faculty Instructions

K-12 Remote SL Tutoring Program:  Summer 2021 Updates

  • Live Scan Reimbursement: SLI will reimburse Live Scan costs for any student working with the K-12 Remote SL Program. Students need to submit receipts to SLI, following the K-12 Live Scan Reimbursement Guidelines.

End-term wrap up: PDFs