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Community Partners

Find Community Partners

My SLP is the SLI's community partner database now available on the Internet for faculty, students and community partners.

Current Lists of Community Partners

How to Search the Database (MySLP)

  1. Click this link for MySLP. Be sure to right-click and open in a new window so you can follow the instructions on this page.
  2. In the upper left-center, click "Sites."
  3. Click in "Programs" a third of the way down on the right and choose Service Learning (or any other programs you might want) from the dropdown.
  4. Click the blue "Search" button to the right.

Please note: Not all organizations have provided information for every field listed on their Organization Profiles. Oftentimes site supervisor contacts are outdated, as we are constantly updating information as it is received from community partner organizations.

Questions? Please contact the SLI Information Specialist at (831) 582-3644, or email the Service Learning Institute at

Service Learning Institute

(831) 582-3644
(831) 582-3568
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