Environmental Science, Technology & Policy B.S.

The Environmental Science, Technology & Policy (ESTP) program offers an innovative interdisciplinary B.S. degree program linking natural science, physical science, technology, economics, and policy. The program emphasizes the critical thinking and technical skills necessary to develop workable solutions to complex environmental problems. Unique in its commitment to linking earth systems science to environmental economics and social policy, ESTP provides students with active learning and applied research in marine, coastal, and watershed systems.

Environmental Science, Technology & Policy targets these goals:

  • Enable students to apply an earth systems perspective to evaluate and solve environmental problems using scientific, technical, and analytical skills.
  • Prepare students for leadership roles in which they contribute to effective policy solutions based on an understanding of the interactions between humans and their biological and physical surroundings.
  • Prepare students to pursue ethical and rewarding career pathways.

Slide presentation on the ESTP degree program - 2 April 2016