The Division of Science & Environmental Policy (SEP) is the administrative home for an array of academic degree programs, research laboratories, and community outreach programs.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degrees

B.S. in Environmental Science, Technology & Policy

  • Concentration in Watershed Systems
  • Concentration in Applied Ecology
  • Concentration in Natural Resources

B.A. in Environmental Studies

  • Environmental Education
  • Science for Sustainable Communities

B.S. in Biology

  • Concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
  • Concentration in Molecular Biology
  • Concentration in Teacher Preparation

B.S. in Marine Science

Master’s degree

M.S. in Applied Marine & Watershed Science


Minor in Environmental Science
Minor in Environmental Studies
Minor in Chemistry
Minor in Biology
Minor in Environmental Health Policy

Field Notes ~ December 2015

Students in Dr. Allison Gong’s Marine Invertebrate Zoology class spend class time learning about comparative anatomy and functional morphology in animal body plans. They accomplish the former by observing living specimens within the major animal taxa (Mollusca, Crustacea, Cnidaria, and Echinodermata) and the latter by dissecting animals to study how bodies are constructed. This work culminates in an excursion to the rocky intertidal, where the students play the role of investigative journalist: they put their observational skills to the test by "interviewing" animals to learn as much as they can, from the animals themselves, about how they make a living where they live.

Past field notes