The Division of Science & Environmental Policy (SEP) is the administrative home for an array of academic degree programs, research laboratories, and community outreach programs.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s degrees

B.S. in Environmental Science, Technology & Policy

  • Concentration in Watershed Systems
  • Concentration in Applied Ecology
  • Concentration in Natural Resources

B.A. in Environmental Studies

  • Environmental Education
  • Science for Sustainable Communities

B.S. in Biology

  • Concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
  • Concentration in Molecular Biology
  • Concentration in Teacher Preparation

B.S. in Marine Science

Master’s degree

M.S. in Applied Marine & Watershed Science


Minor in Environmental Science
Minor in Environmental Studies
Minor in Chemistry
Minor in Biology
Minor in Environmental Health Policy

SEP Newsletter

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Field Notes ~ August 2015

New Marine Science faculty member Dr. Kerry Nickols has been working with Dr. Kristy Kroeker and Dr. Mark Carr of University of California, Santa Cruz to understand the nearshore oceanographic and biogeochemical environment around the Monterey Peninsula. In conjunction with this project,UROC Scholar Serena Thurston is studying the zooplankton communities in this region, comparing community composition and invertebrate larval abundances at sites along an oceanographic gradient.

Past field notes