Using Accommodations

If your accommodations request has been approved by the SDR, your Course Accommodations Form will state that the student has a disability and will list the determined reasonable accommodations. It details who is responsible for the provision of the accommodations, when they will be provided, and how they will be provided. It also invites faculty to contact SDR if there are any concerns or questions about the accommodations.

When authorized by the SDR, instructors will implement accommodations, or consult SDR with any concerns or questions. Instructors are not expected to compromise essential elements of the course or evaluation standards.

Student responsibilities

The student with disability is responsible for meeting with faculty during office hours (or to consult online or via phone) in a timely manner to:

  • Discuss his/her needs and the SDR Course Accommodation Form.
  • Request faculty signature on the form as commitment to provide accommodation such as Alternate Test Taking(i.e. extra time and/or a separate room), additional faculty office hours, help with recruiting a Notetaker, etc.
  • Make copies of your signed Course Accommodation Form for you and your instructor.
  • Notify faculty to contact SDR if they have any concerns about providing the accommodations in a timely manner.

Please note that “timely manner” means the students submit the Course Accommodation Form to their instructors within the first week of each semester. Or for winter and summer session or short courses, before the course begins. Some accommodations require student action three months ahead.

Students should notify SDR immediately:

  • Your faculty, SDR service provider, service learning community partner or other CSUMB program is not fulfilling their obligation or commitment to accommodate your disability-related needs.
  • You do not need your requested accommodations any longer.
  • You drop the course or withdraw from CSU monterey Bay.

If you feel that your disability-related needs are not being met please visit our Disability Related Complaints page to obtain the Access Issue form. Fill out the form and return it to the SDR office.

Disability Related Complaints

Faculty responsibilities

When contacted by a student who has been authorized by SDR to receive a specified accommodation, faculty must:

  • Meet with that student (in person, on-line or by phone) to review the request.
  • Sign appropriate forms in a timely manner and return a copy to SDR.
  • Implement actions noted on current SDR Course Accommodation Form for the specified time and manner.
  • Address promptly any disability verification issues or concerns about requested accommodations directly to the office for Student Disability resources.