Requesting Accommodations

How to Request Accommodations

Students benefit most from accommodations when they are requested before the academic term begins. To request accommodations:

Obtain current documentation of your disability from a qualified medical doctor or disability specialist with explanation as to how your disability limits your participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities and facilities of the university. SDR urges students with learning disabilities to provide comprehensive documentation based on adult assessment instruments.

Complete Needs Assessment Form and submit it to SDR.

Meet with the SDR advisor to discuss your specific needs and determine reasonable accommodations. Some students may need more than one meeting for full consideration of needs.

Return to SDR each semester, complete a current SDR Service Request Form for specific accommodations in each course, field trip, course internship or study abroad. Meet with the SDR Advisor for review and authorization. In most cases, SDR will respond to you within 5-10 business days of your meeting. SDR will provide an electronic copy of your authorized request for accommodations on your SDR Course Accommodations Form for you to take to your faculty.

Requesting Additional Accommodations

If you have already met with the Student Disability Resources Advisor and need to request additional or adjusted accommodations, please contact SDR as soon as possible.

If your Request is Denied

It is possible that the request could be denied by SDR. If so, SDR will clearly state denial of a student’s request and what further action the student needs to take for reconsideration of the request (such as to provide more detailed current medical documentation).