CSUMB strives to create a campus that is inclusive and accessible to all eligible students. In the event that you feel there is an access issue please consult SDR by completing the form below, AND contact the person or department involved to explain the problem to them. This is often the most efficient way to a solution.

Alternative Testing Faculty Packet: Contains Alt Testing Information & Procedures, Scheduling Information, Proctoring Sites, and Alt Testing Notification Form:

Alt Testing Faculty Packet

Alternative Testing Notification Form: Please fill out before your proctored test

Alternative Testing Notification Form

Alternative Testing Student Packet: Contains Alt Testing Information, Client (Student) Responsibilities Form and Alt Testing Notification Form:

Alt Testing Student Packet

CSUMB Mobility Access Guide

Department of Rehabilitation Fees Request Form

Department of Rehabilitation Information (with locations)

Disability Cart Agreement Form

Disability Cart Procedure

Notetaker Contractual Agreement

Policy on Student Taping Lectures

SDR Confidentiality Agreement

Release of Info Form


SDR Faculty Handbook

SDR Student Handbook