Alternative Testing Accommodations

Both by the University’s commitment to accessibility, and by Federal law, students with disabilities are entitled to be tested in a manner that accurately assesses their knowledge and skills. The disability accommodation process is confidential and students are expected to uphold the academic integrity and rigor of their courses.

Alternative testing/assessments require the most coordination between faculty and Student Disability Resources (SDR). Different types of accommodations may be suggested based on the academic environment, the course objectives, and the abilities of the student.

The Faculty process begins when a student presents an instructor with a confidential SDR Course Accommodation Form letter saying that they have a …..“federally recognized disabling condition” ..and is.. “authorized for the following accommodations”…. When one of those accommodations includes an accommodation for “Testing”, it is the instructor’s responsibility to provide that accommodation. This is called Alternative Testing. Part of the package the student gives you is an “Alternative Testing Student Client Responsibilities form that the student has signed with additional information attached for you.

For more information on specific testing accommodations and additional testing spaces, consult the Alternative Testing Faculty Packet

Reserving The Test Center

The purpose of the test center is to provide a space for academic departments and Student Disability Resources to give students extra time and a quiet space for alternative testing purposes. At this time the test center does not have proctor services to facilitate exams. If faculty cannot proctor their own exams, they will have to work with their academic departments to find proctors when using the testing center.

Exception: If the student needs assistive technology, then Student Disability Resources will proctor and coordinate the space for the exam.

  • The test center has 13 cubicle desks (5 with desktop computers). This space is not designed to hold a class for testing. If this is a need, please contact your department coordinator.
  • SDR staff will review requests and provide confirmation within 36 hours of submission.
  • Please check your email, SDR may need additional details and will communicate by campus email. If we do not receive responses to our communications this may delay confirmation of reservations.
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