About us

Student Disability Resources (SDR) authorizes reasonable accommodations for enrolled and admitted students who have well-documented disabilities. Accommodations are determined each semester on an individual basis by the SDR through consultation with the SDR staff, the student, and others as needed.

SDR promotes the empowerment, wellness and full integration of students with disabilities into campus life and the campus community. Further, we seek to provide academic and personal support services to students with disabilities in order for them to attain success at California State University Monterey Bay.

SDR, as part of Health and Wellness Services, helps students and faculty in the arrangement of accommodations, advocacy, study and time management skills, academic-related counseling, and referral to on and off campus resources, and assistive technology resources and training.

CSUMB makes every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities, while at the same time respecting the integrity of the academic programs in which students enroll. CSUMB does not waive (exempt) courses that are required as an essential component of any 2 curricula. SDR supports the concept of self-advocacy in all students. Requests for academic accommodations are made directly by the student and implemented by the student, SDR student assistants/service providers, and CSUMB faculty/staff.

CSUMB and SDR may provide accommodations to students with learning, physical, vision, psychological disabilities, and/or chronic medical conditions, and those who are deaf and hard of hearing. In some cases, SDR may assist students with temporary disabilities.

In the event that you feel there is an access issue please consult Student Disability Resources. Please note that in the effort to reach a solution, Student Disability Resouces may contact the person or department involved to explain the problem to them. This is often the most efficient way to a solution.
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