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Sienna Van Slooten

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Class of 2019

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B.A. (Studio Art & Italian Studies) Wheaton College, Norton, MA


Coming from a fine art background, nature has been a constant inspiration in Sienna’s artwork. Science illustration, with a focus on botany, has allowed her to delve into the worlds of both art and nature. Perplexed by the intricate patterns and structures found in plants, Sienna finds a sense of peace in capturing these fractal designs, be it in a dried and shriveled specimen, or one in full colorful bloom. Her aim and passion is to increase awareness of the beauty and complexity found in nature through her artwork, and bring light to an overwhelmingly large part of the world that can sometimes be overlooked. Especially at present time when many plants and animals may no longer be living by the end of the century, Sienna views art as a way of visually recording what still exists. She strives for a high level of detail and accuracy in her work in order to understand and honor the incredibly unique qualities that each specimen possesses.