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Molly B. Wise

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Class of 2019


B.F.A (Illustration) California State University Fullerton 2017


Whether it was the fourth or the fifth time I took a baseball to the face that finally knocked some sense into me, no one can really say. However, when I eventually did realize that I wasn’t going to follow in either of my brothers’ athletic strides, I found solace in the swamps behind the stadium. At every opportunity, I began to explore nature, drawing inspiration, literally and figuratively, from life. While the urge to create and expand my artistic ability took me to California State University, Fullerton to study illustration, my undying fascination with nature was hardly in the back of my mind. The school’s arboretum quickly became my most frequented haunt, and the hours I spent sketching flowers and studying birds began to accumulate into days and, more recently, months. My affinity for nature fuels my artistic drive, and I’m excited to see where this new road leads.