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Jillian Walters

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Class of 2012

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B.S. (Biology: Ecology, Behavior and Evolution; ICAM: Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts) University of California, San Diego


Internships: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Image Resources; Pinnacles National Park, Condor Recovery Program Other clients include: USDA Forest Service, Scientific American Magazine Traditional techniques: pen & ink, graphite, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic Digital techniques: both painting and vectoring, often together in Adobe Photoshop Background: Born into a family of scientists and raised in Monterey, California, I quickly developed interests and strengths in both biology and art. I enjoyed learning about the natural environment, particularly as a bird watcher, and expressing the wonder of those findings on paper. I received six years of private studio instruction and later attended California State Summer School for the Arts, such that by age fifteen I had my first solo art exhibit. I formally studied biology in college, but taught myself digital painting on the side to explore fun, new ways to render subjects. The Science Illustration Program has shown me even more ways to render biological subjects, both traditionally and digitally. I will continue to apply my skills and contribute my love for both art and science; always finding joy in bringing idealized forms of nature to life.