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Jessica Marie Soriano

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Class of 2019

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B.S. (Health Science, Medical Emphasis) Ithaca College 2015


To express gratitude, I create art as a token of my appreciation. This joy of sharing my creative view continued throughout college as I studied health sciences. I shared scientific knowledge with others through art, anything from recreating skeletal musculature to detailing neuro-synaptic connections. Sharing life’s mysterious beauties through visual arts helped me see that there’s truly more to life than what actually meets the eye. Through listening to funky bass lines, exploring expansive kelp forests, toasting marshmallows over campfires, and riding snow-capped mountains, I find inspiration by experiencing life thrive with me. I create whimsical watercolor pieces, detailed digital art, educational animations, informative interpretive panels, and environmentally conscious infographics, With this reusable tote bag of creativity, I aspire to educate, motivate, and inspire positive change. I believe science and art have a type of positive, symbiotic relationship similar to green sea turtles and yellow tangs: They both benefit from each other. By intertwining the two, I hope to create art that's more visibly connected as it is vibrant.