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Fiona Lee MacLean

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Class of 2014

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B.A. (Environmental Studies) Connecticut College


Fiona, grew up close to nature and has been sketching, exploring, and generally bouncing off the walls since childhood. Her energy eventually found focus with scientific illustration. After receiving her Science Illustration certification from CSUMB. Fiona surprised herself by taking a path that combines not only nature and art but also technology. Once a self proclaimed quasi-luddite, Fiona has since created multiple animations focused on explaining natural processes. She recently collaborated on an animation that gained the attention of Nasa's Solar System Exploration Research, Virtual Institute. Fiona now works for the Sunnyvale, CA based tech/design firm, SketchDeck, and freelances in her free time. Internships: Sea Birds Lab, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA. Seymour Marine Discovery Center and Younger Lagoon Reserve, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA. Primer Stories, Complex Ideas. Beautifully Explained. San Francisco, CA