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Daniela Naomi Molnar

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Class of 2006

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B.A. (Art and Environmental Studies) The Evergreen State College


Daniela Naomi Molnar’s work operates at the intersection of art, nature, and culture and is informed by a deep ecological worldview. Her work asks questions — big, important, difficult questions: How do we find our place on a damaged planet? How do we visualize the embodied experience of living on a damaged planet, while often damaging it further in our living? How can art help us understand who we are and where we are? How can art have ecological, spiritual, political, and social agency? How can art undo some of the damage? On a conceptual level, Daniela’s work engages with these intractable, intersectional questions provoked by the (Mis)Anthropocene. It is inspired by political ecology, sensory experience, science, traditional cultural/spiritual knowledge, and contemporary theorists. On a formal level, her paintings’ intense engagement with color provokes sensory awareness, involving viewers directly in their bodily experience of time and place. Her site-specific and collaborative work invites communities to think critically about the value of public space. Her poetry and her analytic study of others’ poetry focuses on ecopoetry, examining and celebrating all the ways that language can respond to the questions above. Daniela believes that artistic practice should be a model for the world that we want to see. In this spirit, her work is collaborative, non-competitive, and exploratory. Art direction, editing, site-specific projects, developing and leading backcountry residencies with Signal Fire, founding and teaching in PNCA’s Art + Ecology program, and various other forms of activism are all ways that she builds and learns from an ecological system. She understands an ecological system as a community: the vast web of relationships that one is enmeshed in; all the things that give life, that we relate to and depend on.