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Anisha Parekh

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Class of 2019

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B.I.S. (Biology and Visual Arts) Thompson Rivers University 2018


During her undergraduate studies, Anisha Parekh’s interest in biology manifested as a desire to learn and understand. Her search for meaningful methodologies led Anisha to scientific illustration. She quickly began to find solace in the craft of combining science and art. It became essential to how she perceived the world. Anisha was reminded how much there is to learn from simple observation, and how easy it is to overlook aspects of life when you do not take the time to look. As a scientific illustrator, Anisha hope to be a vessel for knowledge and use her passion for art as an educational tool. Through illustration, she can interpret and communicate ideas creatively to help others invoke their curiosity, just as illustration had offered herself. The world we live in is a captivating place, and above all, illustration allows Anisha to observe and replicate it while providing insights into the magic of life.