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Alex Boersma

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Class of 2017

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B.A. (Geology) Vassar College


Alex is an artist and paleobiologist from Toronto, Ontario. After studying geology and studio art at Vassar College in New York, Alex worked at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, conducting research on whale evolution in the Pyenson Lab, Paleobiology department. Articles on her research have appeared in multiple news outlets, including the New York Times, BBC News, Nature, and the Washington Post. From her background in science academia, she has experienced first hand how important good visuals are to communicating research and engaging a wide audience in scientific findings. Alex aims to create scientific illustrations that can function not only as an accompaniment to scientific writing, but also stand along as works of art. Her artwork focuses on using visual storytelling to engage the public in scientific ideas and the natural world. Working in a variety of mediums, both traditional and digital, Alex also has a particular love of printmaking and incorporating unconventional mediums in science illustration.