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Overview & FAQ

The Master of Science in Management and Information Technology (MSMIT) program is designed to create a generation of business professionals and decision makers who are experts in the areas of information, technology, and problem solving in an environment that is characterized by:

  • Rapid technological advancements
  • A workforce of ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity
  • Demand for the understanding and skills needed to practice in global markets.

Unique features

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Interdisciplinary collaboration—entering into mutually beneficial and well-defined relationships to achieve common goals—is our hallmark. The MSMIT program is dedicated to a curriculum that jointly develops a structure of shared responsibility, mutual authority, and accountability for success in integrating diverse academic traditions such as business, information technology, and information systems. The classes by nature are interdisciplinary, as the technology-focused outcomes also incorporate principles of management and the management-focused outcomes use technology-based global organizations as case studies.

Technology infusion

Technology infusion means integrating modern learning technology and pedagogy to create education adequate for the contemporary world. The MSMIT graduate program recognizes the role of technology in tomorrow’s world and foresees that the use of technology is critical to the startup, survival, and expansion of entrepreneurial ventures in the 21st century. The MSMIT curriculum infuses technology tools as resources to learners within in-class and field-learning experiences.

Ethical reflection and practice

Ethical reflection and practice are incorporated throughout the curriculum. This is accomplished in the selection and use of cases, experiential exercises, lecturers, and visiting speakers who focus on ethical dimensions of the topic at hand.

Multiculturalism and globalism

Multiculturalism and globalism have become increasingly important as global interdependence grows. Crosscultural competency is necessary both for business success and culturally competent citizenship in a pluralistic global society. We have designed the MSMIT program to infuse awareness of international and multicultural topics through selected cases, exercises, lectures, and visiting speakers.

Applied learning

Applied learning has a high priority within the MSMIT program as the testing ground for practical application of concepts and methods learned in the classroom. Our faculty believes that classroom instruction is necessary but not sufficient for attaining the learning outcomes, which the program requires for graduation. The emphasis on applied learning is reflected in the projects you will complete in the e-lab, an interdisciplinary research and development laboratory dedicated to benefiting tri-county area businesses and organizations.

Cohort-based, capstone project centric curriculum

Students study the 10-course sequence together as a cohort. Each course has individual and group projects. Students generate their basic idea of a capstone during the Proseminar class. Each A capstone project is usually done by an individual, group-basd projects need faculty approval.


What will I gain by choosing to earn my MSMIT at CSUMB?

The collaborative MSMIT graduate program draws upon the faculty of both the Business and the Information Technology disciplines. These faculty members, with wide-ranging academic backgrounds and practical experience, will provide you with a depth of knowledge that elevates the classroom experience beyond the theoretical. Experienced and outstanding part-time faculty members from the professional community will be used in addition to the fulltime faculty.

What will my learning environment be like?

CSUMB's MSMIT program can be taken fully-online. This gives students the opportunity to continue working full time and to take classes when it is convenient for their schedule. There may be some synchronous activities, but you will be able to do all of your coursework from the comfort of your own home.

What technology resources does CSUMB offer?

The campus technology infrastructure is designed to make electronic resource access and communication fundamental to university student life. CSU Monterey Bay has built a state-of-the-art converged gigabit Ethernet network supporting the integration of data, voice, and video services for students both on campus and off campus. Wireless access to this network exists across the main CSUMB campus. The network infrastructures support live and on-demand access to streaming video. This allows support for interactive television, interactive video conferencing, interactive audio conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and so forth.

As a campus founded on a commitment to technology innovation and service, in addition to outstanding technological infrastructure, CSU Monterey Bay supports online registration, online advising, online payment, and online access to library resources and other digital repositories.

Upon initial registration in the program, you will be assigned an email account and space on the university web/file server. This gives you access not only to university email but also to all the information and communications used by the university community to exchange information. The CSUMB.EDU website provides access to academic information, advising, financial aid information, library resources, academic skills assistance, and other general information.

What advising services are provided for MSMIT students?

Program advising will be conducted in several ways. First, you will receive a complete analysis of your academic preparation that will serve as the basis for the program. Program faculty members will advise you online. The graduate advisors will conduct ongoing advising on an as-needed basis. Faculty members maintain office hours that you can use to access appropriate course and academic advising either in person or by telephone. All faculty members also extensively use email for advising. Peer advising specific to the program is also provided.

What will be required to complete my MSMIT?

Your Master of Science in MIT will be conferred after you successfully do all of the following:

  • Apply and get accepted to the MSMIT program
  • Complete all outcome requirements
  • Advance to candidacy (by clearing all conditions of admission)
  • Submit your Individualized Learning Plan Portfolio
  • Complete your Capstone Project

Which careers will the MSMIT program prepare me to pursue?

Project manager, entrepreneur, system analyst, CIO/CTO track, marketing/management professional

School of Computing & Design

(831) 582-3621