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Computer Science Minor

2019-2020 catalog - View past years

The Computer Science Minor provides you with an opportunity to explore your particular interests in the development of software applications, computer networking, and data science. After taking introductory classes in computer science, you will focus on one area to acquire depth and expertise to prepare you for further study or a career.

You can tailor your minor curriculum so that it can be integrated with many other major programs at CSUMB. You will be able to find many applications for the skills you acquire in this minor, to any major including Science, Math, Business, Music, and a host of others.

Required Courses

Please note: Twelve of the units taken to complete a minor (6 of which are upper division) may not be used in fulfillment of other minors, concentrations, or major requirements.

Complete all of the following courses:

Complete two of the following courses:

Learning Outcomes

LO 1: Programming & Problem Solving

Graduates should be able to apply knowledge of programming and computational thinking to solve problems.

LO 2: Specialized CS Knowledge

Applied specialized knowledge and practices from one or more computer science disciplines to address complex real-world challenges.

School of Computing & Design

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