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Spring 2020 Capstone

Congratulations SBGS Spring 2020 Capstone students!

SBGS held a Capstone Webinar on Thursday, May 14th for our graduating students.

Spring 2020 Capstone Projects

A full list of the full SBGS Capstone Class of Spring 2020. Information about the student, their project, and links to their final paper are listed by subject (GS or SBS), then alphabetically by the last name. You may also download the SBGS Capstone Spring 2020 Flyer, which also contains active links.

Q&A Form

    • Callihan, Konor - “The Opaque Operations of 21st Century Populism”
    • Chavez, Samantha - “The Use of Lacandon Swidden in Deforested Chiapas”
    • Clairday, Logan Thomas - “A Case Study of Video Game Gold Farming in Venezuela”
    • Gizaw, Israel - “The Hijabi Movement in Europe: A Critical Analysis of the Debate Over the Veiling of Women in the Western World.
    • Hipshman, Aaron - “Democratization in El Salvador”
    • Lester, Ariana - “Transnational and Local NGO Collaboration for Domestic Worker Advocacy in Singapore”
    • Maldonado, Luis - “Why There Should Be a Law Against US Domestic Terrorism”
    • Ocegueda, Ernesto - “Living in Resistance: Examining Consciousness-Raising in the Zapatista Movement”
    • Renteria , Tonalla - “Erasure no more: Canada’s First Nation’s Resurgence of land-based practices”
    • Rivers , Taylor - “Global Warmongers: The Threat Posed by Transnational Private Security Firms”
    • Salazar, Valeriia Schastliva - “Language and Ethno-Nationalism in post-Euromaidan Ukraine”
    • Santana, Zulema - “A Case Study of Folk Religion and Migración: La Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde”
    • Smutzer, Christian - ”Corruption and Government Intervention after Hurricane Maria: A Puerto Rican Case Study””

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Track One Video Presentations

    • Assad, Victoria - Harvesting the Sea: A site-specific study of shellfish exploitation in the Monterey Bay
    • Barron, Miguel - The factors that lead many Mexicans to join the Bracero Program from 1942 to 1964
    • Correa, Maritza - Mixed Status Families and Immigration Policies
    • Cortes, Nicole - Biographical Availability in the Climate Movement
    • Martinez, Walmer - Growing Up in Latino Santa Cruz: Sports, Youth and Identity in an Immigrant Neighborhood
    • Parks, Christopher - History of Cannabis and it's Connection to Criminalization and White Supremacy
    • Ruiz, Carmen - An Ethnographic Review of Agricultural Settings and Potential Indicators of Prenatal Exposure to Pesticides
    • Sanchez, Rocio - Crime, Violence and Migration: Central Americans Migrants in Transit to the U.S Border
    • Torres, David - US Immigration and Foreign Policies
    • Brunetti, Jason - Millennial Generation's Voting Pattern in 2016 United States Presidential Politics
    • Feliciano, Mikayla - Family and the Chicano Lowrider Subculture: Centrality and Invisibility
    • Garcia, Natalie - Disneyland Culture: A Whole New World
    • Rodriguez, Griselda - Surveillance within social networks
    • Rosales, Diana - Helicopter Parenting the Western Hemisphere: The United States in Latin America
    • Tran, Chau - Segmented Assimilation and The Religiosity of Vietnamese Americans: The Case of the 1.5 Generation
    • Uribe, Lillian - Social Meaning of Low Rider Culture in American Society
    • Cabral, Alicia - Las mujieres que se quedaron: women invisible labor during the mining industry in leon spain
    • Garcia, Belinda - The Realities of Homeless Women in Monterey County
    • Jauregui, Ari - I Will Carry You if You Fall: An Analysis of Community and Allyship in Preserving Transgender Narratives
    • Kraft, Clancy - The American Military-Masculinity Complex: How Capitalism, Imperialism, and Violence Bridge the Gap between War and American Masculinity
    • Melendez, Jocelyn - iBabies and iParents: Parenting in the Age of Digital Technology
    • Serrano, Janelle - Effects of norms based on personal appearance of women in the work place
    • Trejo, Rebecca - The Gender Wage Gap with The U.S Women's Soccer Team
    • Arroyo Elias, Yaneth - Museum Visitors and the Role of Identity
    • Calderon, Alfonso - The Chinatown of Soledad Street: A Historical Analysis of a Multicultural Ethnic Enclave from early 20th Century Salinas
    • Moreno, Rick - “So, basically, literally, it’s all like…”: A Study into the Generational and Sociological Impact of American Language Culture
    • Pettersen, Baard - The Christianization of Scandinavia
    • Smith, Gary - Boarding Schools-Forced Assimilation, Intergenerational Trauma, and Decolonization-Hope For Indigenous Sovereignty-From Its Arch-Enemy.
    • Sucgang, Lowellen - My Family, Their History: Using Exploratory Inquiry & Pragmatic Methods to Learn History
    • Swenson, Seth - Historical account of U.S. gun policy due to gun violence
    • Vega, Lisset - Chinese Exclusion In the late 19th Century
    • Zamudio, Christopher - The Life and Struggles of Chinese Immigrants in Mexico: Life from Seventeenth through Twenty First Century
    • Amaro, Beatriz - What are challenges of having a child in Special Education?
    • Damian, Jaime - Job Satisfaction Between Students and Non-Students
    • Flores, Samantha - “I have a lot of stress, need help”: An Exploratory Study of Mindfulness Meditation in Academia
    • Greenfield, Marjorie - Rape and University Resources: A Case Study of CSU-Monterey Bay vs. CSU-Bakersfield
    • Gutierrez, Lauray - Mothers Pursuing Higher Education at California State University, Monterey Bay: The Barriers of Childcare
    • Lachoff, Jordan - Improved Access to Transit for Students in Los Angeles County
    • Lucas, Maria - A Critical Analysis of the College Experience of a Student Parent at CSUMB
    • Magana, Jose - The Effects of Working While Attending College: A CSUMB Study
    • Medina, Karina - The Value of Education: A Case Study of Special Ed. Workers in Monterey County
    • Oteri, Dominique - California Curriculum for Social Studies: Native Americans, Colonialism, and Genocide
    • Perez, Maria - Foster Youth Experiences and Motivation for Post-Secondary Education Attainment: The Case of CSUMB
    • Rimicci, Alessia - The Importance of Capital: First Generation Students' Success in Post-Secondary School
    • Stultz, Audrey - Attitudes Towards Drug Use on a College Campus
    • Valencia, Donika - Education for All: A review of inclusve education in public schools
    • Vidales-Anguiano, Viridiana - Student Support Services at a Hispanic Serving Institution: A Non-Traditional Student Perspective
    • Alcalan, Juan - Microtransactions and Addiction: Macro Issues with Microtransactions
    • Alvarez, Taner - Pro Anorexia groups
    • Carman, Mark - Evaluating a Drug Recovery Program: The Revolving Door of Recovery
    • Hernandez, James - The Opioid Epidemic in the 21st Century: A Critical Analysis of the USA
    • Johnson, Natali - Crop Yield v. Protective Shield: A Case Study Analysis of the Protective Standards Regaurding Pesticide Use by Minority Agricultural Workers in the U.S.
    • Perez, Alexis - The Influence of AIDS: A Case Study of Monterey County
    • Perez-Gomez, Leilani - Understanding the Impacts of Domestic Violence on Women’s Health
    • Rios, Sandra - Mindfulness Meditation in Senior Recreation Center
    • Vasquez, Lucia - The Relationship Between Traumatic Experiences and Delinquency

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