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Graduation Portfolio Requirements

Your Wordpress portfolio will be the safe haven for all your deliverables as you progress through the Social and Behavioral Sciences program at CSUMB. Take good care of it; give it a name; and make sure you have electronic and hard copy backups of all assignments and forms in case of fire, flood, or theft. When this portfolio is complete, you will have fulfilled all the major requirements for graduation. Look at this portfolio as a tool that you can use to assess your progress through the SBS major.

As you progress through the program, you will add assignments that you complete for courses into the four main sections that correspond to the SBS Major Learning Outcomes-Theory, Research Methods, Discipline, and Application.

Each section of this portfolio will have instructions on what you should put in that section. You will receive further instructions in the SBS Core courses (SBS 300: SBS Major ProSeminar: Theory (3 units), 308, 366 or 362, 400, 402, and 405) on the development of this Graduation Assessment Portfolio. If you have additional questions, please contact your Capstone advisor.

Helping you with your capstone will be a capstone committee, which includes a capstone chair and a second reader. Your capstone chair should be the instructor of your SBS 400: Senior Capstone Seminar I (3 units) or SBS 402: Senior Capstone Seminar II (3 units) who will help guide your capstone research and annotated bibliography. The second member of your committee can be any faculty member from CSUMB or a community member who has the expertise to provide a second perspective on your capstone.

Example - Graduating Senior Martin Wilson -

School of Social, Behavioral & Global Studies

(831) 582-3890