Tap Into CSUMB Talent

Our partner, CSUMB, has much talent in its faculty, staff and students. Connect your business and support student application experience while helping your business grow through their insight. Contact us at cindy_merzon@calcoastal.org to request assistance or share other connection ideas.

College of Business Internship Program

The College of Business Internship Excellence Program connects students to internships.

Students can

For help with resumes, cover letters, and finding an internship, please email e businternshipprogram@csumb.edu.

College of Business students can help your business - apply now as senior capstone client!

Interested in supporting your community’s local university, mentoring business students, and gaining a greater competitive advantage for your company or organization at the same time?

Consider being a CSUMB College of Business Senior Capstone Client!

Consider these facts:

  • Each semester (Spring or Fall), approximately 15 teams of graduating seniors from CSUMB College of Business consult with local for-profit companies and non-profit organizations for their Senior Capstone Projects.
  • A team of students, typically four or five, dedicate the full semester to analyzing your firm's operations and strategies - at no cost to you, but the time you invest.
  • You interview the students and decide if the match is right for your firm.
  • You maintain confidentiality of information - nothing is disclosed without your approval.

What does your firm receive?

  • A professionally written strategic analysis of your firm's operations, including:

-Its history and an overview of the company

-An external analysis of the industry forces and the competition

-An internal analysis of its strengths and weaknesses and its business and corporate strategies

  • A set of professional-quality PowerPoint slides summarizing the findings in the report - slides you can use for many other purposes.
  • An invitation to the end-of-semester Capstone Festival, where the team presents its findings to you, as well as to fellow students, faculty, administrators, and family.

What is required of your firm?

  • Commit approximately ten hours (total) of top management's time over the semester to meetings and responding to team questions.
  • Provide any available documentation (print and/or electronic) that will help the team better understand the business and operations of your firm.

To explore this opportunity and learn more contact:

Pat Tinsley McGill, Ph.D.

BUS Capstone Program Director

Professor, Strategic Management


Previous clients have included:

  • MPCC
  • Kula Ranch
  • Monterey County Vintners and Growers Association
  • Morton and Bassett Spices
  • Monterey Branch, C. H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.
  • Burns Cowboys Shop
  • Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
  • Rabobank, NA
  • The Ginger People

College of Business valuation project - apply now for student assistance

Are you struggling with valuing your company or having trouble presenting your firm's financial performances to potential lenders and/or investors? Let our CSUMB business students help.

Connect with a group of finance students and have them solve your finance problems! Our students can learn to apply their skills in the real world, while you can have more time to build and expand your business on the operation side. It's a win-win!

What does your firm receive?

A professional valuation of your company with various growth assumptions, including:

  • Scenario and sensitivity analysis when necessary
  • Individual project valuation when facing mutually exclusive projects or replacement issues
  • Appropriate financial statements

Professional and thorough presentation of the results with detailed excel files that can be used in the future should you have the needs to raise additional capital

What is required of your firm?

  • Commit approximately 5 hours (total) of top management's time to meet with the team (in person, Skype, or conference call) and respond to their questions in a timely manner.
  • Provide any existing financial reports and other bookkeeping records that will help the team better understand the financial performance of your firm. The students will sign a confidentiality agreement, so your proprietary information will stay private.

To explore this opportunity and learn more contact:

Christina Zhang, Ph.D.

BUS 307: Finance (4 units) Finance Instructor

Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance