Interested in what our department has done in the past? Check out this page to read roundups of some of our most exciting events!

Curious? Fall 2017 Connections Conference

On October 7, 2017, student leaders across campus took part in the annual Connections Conference. This year’s theme, “Curious?” drew from leadership concepts of the growth mindset (Dweck, 2006), constructivism and critical reflection (Densten & Gray, 2001), the experiential learning cycle (Kolb, 1984), and multiple intelligences (Howard, 2006), challenging student leaders to adopt a pursuit of lifelong curiosity.

New Student Organization Reactivation Cycle

Starting in the 2017-2018 academic year, student organizations are now using the newly revised reactivation cycle. Intended for both existing clubs wishing to be active the following academic year this revised cycle streamlines and improves the process officers need to undergo to register and reactivate their student organizations. For more information about this process, contact

2017 Leadership Expedition

From March 20 to March 24, 2017, 11 students at had the opportunity to embark on the Leadership Expedition - a high impact program planned collaboratively by Student Activities & Leadership Development and Outdoor Recreation.

2017 CSUMB Leadership Conference

On March 4, 2017, students had the opportunity to engage in the annual Leadership Conference. This year's theme, Awareness to Action: Becoming a Thought Leader, inspired students to action through awareness of their own personal values, commitments, and leadership efficacy.