Lesson Plans

California State Standards, Return of the Natives, and Your School

RON would like to help teachers incorporate project-based learning in their classrooms as a way to introduce environmental education topics. Using several resources, we have discovered activities that both meet the needs of the Next Generation Science Standards and incorporate english and mathematics concepts.

Here is a collection of our favorite environmental education activities. There are a wide range of environmental topics - from the water cycle to habitat conservation!

Kindergarten – 3rd grade

Playing lightly with the Earth

4th – 6th grade

Seed needs

Planet of plenty

The Incredible Journey

Soil stories

Thirsty plants

Did you notice

Mapping the schoolyard habitat

Human watershed

7th – High School

Did You Notice?

The Incredible Journey

Trees in Trouble

Hot Water

Color Me A Watershed

A Human Watershed

Earth Partnership for Schools Curriculum

Adapted for California by Return of the Natives

Botany Bouquet

Grassland Scavenger Hunt

Woodland Scavenger Hunt

Plant Families

Ecosystem Observation Cards (Instructions)

Ecosystem Observation Cards

Conducting a Site Analysis

Mapping Your Schoolyard

Topography: Measuring Slope

Designing a Restoration Project

Where does your garden grow?

Up Close and Personal

Site Preparation Techniques

Seeds to Seedlings: Seed Collection

Seeds to Seedlings: Propagating Seeds in the Classroom

Germination Determination

Geometry in Nature

Nature's Patterns

Schoolyard Poetry Rap