Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management

Drinking Water

The water infrastructure serving CSUMB, including all classroom and administrative buildings, central campus residential facilities, and east campus housing, is owned and operated by the Marina Coast Water District since 2001. Before this time, the water infrastructure was wholly owned and operated by the US Army until 1996. From 1997-2001 the water infrastructure was owned by the US Army but managed by MCWD. CSUMB purchases water service from MCWD and does not control water district operations. Individuals are encouraged to learn more about MCWD and water quality on their website.

Quality Testing

CSU Monterey Bay is proactively sampling drinking water sources across campus to ensure we meet the California Drinking Water Standard limits for lead of 15 parts per billion (ppb) set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Testing will be conducted in a phased approach and required specific water sources be taken off-line temporarily in order to conduct the tests. A contracted vendor will take samples while the University is functioning under critical business to lessen the impact on the campus. We thank the campus community for their cooperation during this time.

Drinking Water Survey Results