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Field Trips

Water Quality Testing in Marina 2017

Students are given instructions to check the water quality of Marina.
Students by the river informed by a professional on water quality testing.

Fresno Trip 2017

Students gather around speaker before touring around CSU Fresno.
Students gather around the a statue at CSU Fresno.
Students tour around a nearby farm.
Students gather around a speaker from CSU Fresno.

Tech Museum 2017

A robotic claw that picks up lettered blocks showcases the RISE name.
Students view the connections made in the human body through a virtual table.
Students view a skeleton on a virtual table that provides info on the human body
Students are given a presentation on "Social Robots".

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Student stares at an underwater environment through the window.
Students have the chance to feed sea animals.
Students are provided information regarding the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Students use binoculars to view sea animals from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Recruitment In Science Education

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(831) 582-4122
Gavilan Hall