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2016 Mentors and Projects

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For inquiries about mentors and their projects, email us at Please do not contact the mentors directly.

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California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB)

Mentors \(faculty pages linked\) Research Theme Additional Info
[Dr. Eric Crandall](\_Crandall)Evolutionary, Molecular and Marine BiologyResearch Paper
[Dr. Corey Garza]( Landscape Ecology
[Dr. Rikk Kvitek]( Ecology and Seafloor Mapping
[Dr. James Lindholm]( Ecology
[Dr. Cheryl Logan]( Physiology
[Dr. Steve Moore]( Biology and Ocean Robotics
[Dr. Kerry J. Nickols]( Oceanography and Larval Transport
[Dr. John Goeltz]( ChemistryProject Descriptions

Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (ESNERR)

Note: Elkhorn Slough is not accepting REU students for the 2016 year

The researchers at Elkhorn slough will be unavailable to mentor an REU student for the 2016 summer due to a large new project being initiated that will involve all of their researchers. You may review the work done at the Slough to help generate ideas for the type of research that interests you, but please do not select these researchers as potential mentors in your application.

Mentors \(faculty pages linked\) Research Theme
[Dr. Kerstin Wasson]( Conservation Biology
[Susie Fork]( Indicator Development
[John Haskins]( Quality Science

Hopkins Marine Station (HMS)

Mentors \(faculty pages linked\) Research Themes
[Dr. Giulio DeLeo]( Population Dynamics
[Dr. Mark Denny]( Biomechanics
[Dr. William Gilly]( Developmental Biology
[Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen]( Ecology and Evolution of Marine Organisms
[Dr. Chris Lowe]( Biology
[Dr. Fiorenza Micheli]( Biology
[Dr. Steve Palumbi]( Ecology

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)

Mentors \(faculty pages linked\) Research Themes
[Dr. James Barry]( and Ecology of Marine Benthic Communities
[Dr. Peter Brewer]( and [Dr. Ed Peltzer]( Chemistry
[Dr. Francisco Chavez]( Change, Ocean Acidification, Hypoxia
[Dr. Steve Haddock]( and Jellies
[Dr. Julio Harvey]( Detection and Ecology of Marine Zooplankton and Phytoplankton
[Dr.Gene Massion]( Engineering, Oceanographic Instrumentation Development
[Dr. George Matsumoto]( Ecology
[Dr. Mike McCann]( Ocean Data Analytics and Software Engineering
[Dr. Charlie Paull]( Canyon Processes
[Dr. Bruce Robison]( Ecology
[Dr. Alexandra Worden]( and Energy Strategies
[Dr. Kakani Young]( Ocean Physics & Engineering
[Dr. David Anderson]( and [Aric Bickell]( Oceanography Data Management*

* REU student project would have an applied data management/physical oceanography focus, using CeNCOOS data (from a CeNCOOS project) to meet a ocean user or other stakeholder need.

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML)

Mentors \(faculty pages linked\) Research Themes
[Dr. Ivano Aiello]( Geology
[Dr. Kenneth Coale]( Oceanography
[Dr. Tom Connolly]( Oceanography
[Dr. Colleen Durkin]( Oceanography
[Dr. Dave Ebert]( Biology and Ecology
[Dr. Jonathan Geller]( Zoology and Population Genetics
[Dr. Michael Graham]( Ecology
[Dr. Scott Hamilton]( Ecology
[Dr. Stacy Kim]( Ecology
[Dr. Gitte McDonald]( Mammal and Seabird Ecology
[Dr. Kim Null]( Oceanography and Nutrient Chemistry
[Dr. Jason Smith](
[Dr. Diana Steller]( Ecology
[Dr. Nick Welschmeyer]( Oceanography

Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

Mentors \(faculty pages linked\) Research Themes Projects
[Dr. Tim Stanton]( research electronic servo profiling winch
[Wendell Nuss](\_vita&id=1023567983)MeteorologyOcean forcing of Marine Stratus Formation

Research Experiences for Undergraduates