Managing your site

Here's how to manage your site, edit pages, and get on with your day.

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Finding your site(s)

The first step in managing your site is logging in. Once you get access to one or more sites, you can view them by clicking the pencil icon in your widgets on your dashboard.

Editing your department information

When on the homepage of your site, you can edit basic information like your department's phone number or email. Click on the blue gear button on the right of the page and select Edit to manage this information.

Clicking the gear button reveals the edit option.

The first pane you see when editing a site is the homepage content. This uses the same editor as any other page on the campus website, and you can learn more about how to use the editor later on in this tutorial.

Clicking the Department tab allows you to edit how your department appears in the campus directory, and also changes the basic department information displayed on the bottom of your homepage.

The site tabs

You can switch back and forth between the site, department, internal, and site header panes without needing to save.

Finding your content

You can view all the content of your site by clicking the blue gear ⚙ button, selecting Manage site, then tapping Manage content. Clicking the title of the page will take you straight to the page, or you can delete or edit the page.

Managing navigation

The navigation of your site is limited to three levels deep, and each level can only have seven pages on it. Not all pages need to be in navigation at all.

You can manage the navigation of your site by clicking the blue gear ⚙ button, selecting Manage site, then tapping Manage navigation.

Add an existing page

If you want to add an existing page of your site to navigation, click the Add existing page link. This will give you a list of all pages in your site, and clicking Add will put it in navigation.

A list of pages

Creating a dropdown

A sample of a dropdown.

A sample of a drop-down item. Clicking "Misadventures" reveals the pages below it.

Drop-down links in your navigation appear in the top of your site's navigation. To add a drop-down, click the Add link button from the Manage navigation page, give the drop-down a title, and click the Make this link a dropdown checkbox.

The make this link a drop-down checkbox.

Drop-down items can have other pages dragged under them in navigation like any other page.

Drop down item in navigation

Linking to another site

You can add a link to another site by clicking the Add link link from the Manage navigation page. Under Path, enter the URL to another page. These links can be reordered within navigation, but cannot have child pages beneath them.

A new link to jazzy music.

Reordering pages

When on the Manage navigation page, you can drag pages under other pages or drop-down items by dragging the arrow icons on the left. After re-ordering pages, you need to click the Save configuration button for the changes to take effect.

Dragging the directional arrows lets you reorder pages

Renaming menu links

Sometimes you want the name of a page in navigation to be different than the page's title, especially when trying to shorten the title so it fits nicely in navigation. For example, the page title Different ways in which I preserve specimens might need to appear in navigation as Preserving specimens.

To edit the name of a page in navigation, click the Edit link next to it, and enter a new title in the Menu link title field.

Editing an existing link

Video tutorial