Managing your profile

Every student, faculty and staff member has a profile page that lists their contact information and biography. For staff and faculty, this page doubles as their listing in the Campus Directory. Learn how to complete and manage your profile below.

Finding your profile

Desktop users

Log in to the csumb dashboard using your CSUMB username and password. In your widgets on the left click on the profile icon

Mobile users

For mobile users you will notice a waffle menu at the top. Use that menu to access your widgets.

Screenshot displaying where you manage your profile

Your Employee ID

On your profile, look below the green "Update profile" button for your student/employee ID.

Filling in your profile

Click the green Update Profile button and select Basic Information from the drop down. Fill in as many fields as you would like. Students and colleagues consider the headshot, bio and office information most useful. Save your changes. Fields include:

  • Headshot
  • Biography
  • Office hours
  • Appointment calendar
  • Office building
  • Office Room
  • Suite
  • Floor
  • Phone
  • Education
  • Upload a CV
  • Links to social media profiles
  • Link to a personal website
Screenshot showing update profile button

Updating your title, department or name

If your title or department is incorrect please have your supervisor contact the hiring manager in University Personnel or Corporation Human Resources.

Student profiles

Student profiles do not appear in the directory. However, sometimes departments will post a link to a student assistant's profile using the "People" content block on their website.