Dashboard Messages

Dashboard messages allow you to communicate to groups of people at CSUMB through their Dashboard. These groups can be people with the same role (e.g. student, staff, faculty) or a list of specific CSUMB usernames.

Steps for creating a dashboard message or events

  1. Obtain permission to create a dashboard message by emailing webservices@csumb.edu
  2. Go to the page you'd like the dashboard message to link to. If a page doesn't exist, you'll need to create a new page because all dashboard messages must link to a page.
  3. Select Edit from the blue gear in the upper right corner
  4. Click on the Dashboard Message tab.
  5. Check Publish to Dashboard.
  6. Add a Headline and Message. NOTE: Your heading and message should be short and to the point. The goal is to drive the user to click the read more button, which would take them to the web page containing the full message.
  7. Add start and end Publish Dates.
  8. Select which User Groups should see this message or copy and paste in a list of CSUMB usernames.
  9. Save your page.
  10. Visit the Dashboard to see how it looks.
The Dashboard Message tab in a page.

User Groups

  • Authenticated user: Everyone with a CSUMB username
  • Corporation: All University Corporation employees
  • CSUMB AA Life Member: Everyone with a CSUMB Alumni Association Lifetime Membership
  • Employee Executive: CSUMB President
  • Employee Faculty: All CSUMB faculty
  • Employee Staff: All CSUMB staff
  • Employee Temp Lecturer: All temporary CSUMB lecturers
  • POI: Anyone categorized as a Person of Interest
  • Student Matriculated: All current students