Adding Pages & Content

Adding a new page

Anywhere within your site, you can click the blue gear ⚙ button and select Add new page to create a new page in your site.

The first thing you'll see when you create a new page is the Title field. The Title field is the page title. Try to keep titles short and declarative.

screenshot of title field

Hint: Once you have created and saved a page, you can quickly add it to navigation by clicking the blue gear ⚙ button and selecting Add to navigation.

Editing content

When editing a page, you build up content using discrete blocks of information. You can add these blocks to a page by clicking the Plus + buttons. There are plus buttons above and below every block on the page so you can add a new piece of content in any order.

Once you are done editing a page, click the Save button on the bottom of the page to immediately publish your changes.

Adding blocks

Clicking a plus button gives you a block palette of available blocks to add to your page.

screenshot of block palette

Moving blocks

When you hover over a block, you will see an up-down arrow icon in the upper right. Clicking on this will turn all the blue plus signs to green arrows. Click the green arrow where you wish to move the block

screenshot of editor interface when moving blocks

Deleting blocks

When you hover over a block, you can click the X in the upper-right corner of the block to remove it from the page. In most cases, if the block has content in it, you will need to confirm deleting the block by clicking a check icon. If the block is already empty, it will be removed immediately.

screenshot of delete button

Embedding pages

In some cases, you may not want to send the user to another part of the CSUMB website to complete a task. Rather than duplicate content on your site, you can embed a page from another section within your site.

Embedding pages requires additional training and access. Contact Web Services if you think embedding pages would help you to meet your users needs.