College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Faculty Research Labs

The Psychology department has nine active research labs located in Heron Hall. These labs are led by full time faculty members in Psychology and cover topics across a variety of domains (i.e., clinical, social, cognitive, developmental, and health).

Child Health & Wellness Research Lab

The Child Health and Wellness Research Lab collaborates with the local community to improve the mental and physical health of children, adolescents, and families.

Faculty: Jennifer Lovell, Ph.D.

Heron Hall 111

Clinical & Forensic Evaluation (CAFE) Lab

The CAFE lab focuses on the validation of psychological assessment instruments, with a special focus on scales that detect invalid test responding.

Faculty: Danielle Burchett, Ph.D.

Heron Hall 159

Support Young People Project

The Support Young People Project identifies factors that support underrepresented and minoritized youth’s healthy development.

Faculty: Shannon Snapp, Ph.D.

Heron Hall 194

Media & Social Cognition (M&SC) Lab

The M&SC lab examines how people are portrayed in mass media as well as how people think, reason, and communicate about physical and social space.

Faculty: Justin Matthews, Ph.D.

Heron Hall 171

Memory & Perception (MAP) Lab

The MAP Lab studies eyewitness memory, face perception, and false memory. We investigate how false memories are created for semantically related words and how recall may be influenced by collaboration.

Faculty: Jill Yamashita, Ph.D.

Heron Hall 132 & 134

Perplexing Questions Lab

Our research lab examines how we creatively solve problems and develop a deeper conceptual understanding, by examining internal cognitive processes that underlie our struggles and external social contexts that influence us.

Faculty: Kevin Grobman, Ph.D.

Heron Hall 169 & 195