Teaching and Consulting Opportunities

Professional Development is a relatively new program within the College of Extended Education. We are, therefore, actively building a network of experienced and dynamic educators to be part of our ever expanding team.

If you are a subject matter expert, have an advanced degree and experience teaching we'd love to hear from you!

We are looking for individuals to fill the following roles:

  • Facilitate implementation of new programs (consultants)
  • Develop content for on-line courses (consultants)
  • Teach individual classes (instructors)

Application process (consultants)

  1. Submit Letter of Interest and Vitae - Extended Education staff will review the qualifications of potential consultants. Applicants will be evaluated based on individual qualifications and experience. All submissions will be acknowledged within 7 days. Lists of potential consultants will be maintained for up to one year after submittal. Please contact us at EERegister@csumb.edu.
  2. Interview Extended Education Staff - Extended Education staff will invite consultants for an interview based on program needs and priorities.
  3. Sign Agreement - Extended Education staff will prepare an Agreement with a specific scope of work. Consultant will review, sign and return.
  4. Vendor Data Record (VDR) - Consultant completes VDR so that payment can be processed.
  5. Invoice - Consultant submits invoice upon completion of tasks.

Course proposals

Do you have a topic that you are passionate about?

Is there a growing interest about this topic in the community?

Please submit a course proposal for consideration.

Ext. Ed. Non-Credit Course Proposal Form