Office of the President

Remarks at Vision Mural Dedication

Dr. Ochoa discusses the new vision mural and how it illustrates the university's continuing commitment to advancing its mission.

I am pleased to be able to join you all at this event to dedicate the new Vision Mural.

Our campus and the land on which it sits have a unique and remarkable history. Fort Ord, a place where some of our nation’s finest young people were trained to defend our nation, has now been transformed to Cal State Monterey Bay, where we are educating the next generation to lead this nation.

It is a story that will be told and retold, in many different ways. Today we are gathered to celebrate a particularly beautiful and meaningful re-telling of that story.

The great artist Georgia O’Keefe once said: ‘I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for.” I am proud to work on a campus with a strong Visual and Public Art department, which is home to creative faculty and students who can say so much with color and shapes and create such a mural.

As a comprehensive public university, we have a responsibility to provide an education that helps prepare students for life following graduation. As part of that, we must help our students understand the importance of the arts, how they can open our minds to new insights about our place in the world.

Our university was created to be a driver of innovation and progress for the region and the state. Its founding Vision Statement captured that sense of mission, and the institution was constructed to reward contributions to that mission. These are the key elements that make CSU Monterey Bay such an amazing university: a clear, worthy mission; institutional structures that align with that mission, that reward and encourage actions that advance that mission; and a culture that is open and welcoming of innovation and change. These three elements are essential for transformative institutions.

Without them, major progress is impossible; with them, all other constraints can be overcome. At the twenty-year mark, this new mural symbolizes our rededication to the founding vision of the institution, noting the changes that have ensued, and reimagining it for the next two decades.

The mural, located as it is on one of the main corners of our campus, will quickly become part of the everyday fabric of campus life. As such, people will soon grow accustomed to

it, and many will drive, bike or walk quickly past on their way to class or to work.

But every day, some people will pause from their day’s routine and take the time to examine a part of the mural, or to linger over the full scope of it. They will come away with a fresh point of view about the history of this region, about our campus’s role in the community and about the beauties that surround us at Cal State Monterey Bay each day.

Those future Otters won’t be able to thank all the faculty and students who conceived and created a lasting celebration of our campus’s transformation. So I would like to say it for them.

Thank you for your outstanding work.