Office of the President


President's Newsletter, 12/13/2017

The holiday season is traditionally a time of hope and optimism, when we take time to appreciate our blessings and take stock of the challenges that still lie ahead.

President's Newsletter, 3/7/2017

No matter how dedicated you might be to doing your job, life can often get in the way. For many people in all workplaces, issues of dependent and elder care often require difficult choices as they attempt to navigate the challenges of complicated lives.

President's Newsletter, 2/13/2017

One of the best parts of my presidency at CSUMB has been getting to know and work with the student leaders on campus.

President's Newsletter, 1/23/17

First, I would like to welcome all of you back for spring semester. It is hard to believe that another academic year is half over and commencement is less than four months away. Those will be busy months for all of us.

President's newsletter, 10/10.2016

The efforts of many remarkable women and men went into making Cal State Monterey Bay what it is today. We all know that. But sometimes it is good to be reminded of just how notable some of our colleagues are.