University Police

Residence Hall Safety

Follow these recommendations to reduce risk to yourself and prevent crime from happening in your residence:

  • respect building access rules; do not let strangers or unauthorized people into controlled areas

  • keep your doors and windows locked when you leave your room, even if you visit a friend down the hall

  • report all suspicious persons and activities to your residence director, or to UPD

Room and suite precautions

Be alert and use common sense. Be vigilant and watchful to avoid becoming a victim of crime. Take these simple precautions to reduce the risk to yourself and discourage those who commit crime:

Report all suspicious persons and activities to UPD at (831) 655-0268.

  • Always lock the door behind you whenever you leave your room - even if just for a minute

  • Close and lock your windows whenever you leave your room

  • If your window or door locks do not work, contact Residential Life immediately at (831) 582-3378

  • Keep your valuables, purse or wallet out of plain view from the window

  • Have your keys ready and enter your dorm room or suite as quickly as possible when returning home.

  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed at night.

  • Do not hide door keys outside and do not loan keys to anyone other than family members or trusted friends.

  • If you hear a prowler inside your dorm room or suite, get out, if possible. Avoid any confrontation with the prowler and call UPD.

  • Place lights on a timer when away from your residence for an evening.

  • Positively identify anyone at your front door before opening the door.

  • Respect access code rules; do not let strangers into controlled areas.

  • Do not tape or put any objects in your door jam. You may forget that you’ve done so and leave your vulnerable to theft.

  • If you have expensive equipment (computers, stereos, etc.), engrave them with your California ID or driver’s license number.

  • Have your computer software properly licensed. Enter the appropriate names of the owner into the computer when installing. Send your registration card into the software company so that there is a record of your purchase.

  • Check your peephole before you open your door. If you can’t see anyone, don’t open the door.

  • Report any building safety problems to the R.A.

  • Call for Nightwalk Service (831) 582-3573.