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Reasons for Contesting

The criteria used in reviewing a Request for Citation Review (Administrative Review) is carefully defined in the California Vehicle Code. All completed administrative reviews must contain a written explanation from the reviewer why the review was approved or disapproved. In addition, any administrative review finding that deviates from this guideline must be supported by a detailed written explanation.

The categories listed below correspond with the categories on the Citation Cancellation Request (DPS-46).

Malfunction meter

Acceptable Reason:

Meter or permit dispenser jammed, broken, or not keeping accurate time as verified by the citing officer or a Parking Services employee.

Unacceptable Reason:

Unsubstantiated claim by violator that the meter or permit dispenser was not operating properly.

Stolen vehicle

Acceptable Reason:

Vehicle stolen prior to date/time citation issued. A police report is required.

Unacceptable Reason:

No proof that vehicle was stolen or that vehicle was stolen before citation was issued.

Legal immunity

Acceptable Reason:

CSUMB vehicle with an exempt plate parked in metered space without paying, green zones for unlimited time, time limit zones for unlimited time, and parked without a permit.

Vehicle with disabled person placard or plate parked in metered space without paying, disabled person parking space, green zones for unlimited time, and time limit zones for unlimited time.

Vehicle with California press plate parked without a permit.Vehicle with exempt plate parked without a permit.

Unacceptable Reason:

Diplomatic immunity (does not apply to civil penalties).

Any vehicle with an exempt plate, disabled placard, or press plate committing any parking violation classified as a public safety violation (see Appendix for list of public safety violations).

DPS employee error

Acceptable Reasons:

Officer made a mistake or omitted information on the citation.Officer issued a citation for the wrong section.

Vehicle cited was on the Do Not Cite list.

Parking permit was visibly displayed in the vehicle. Violator must show the visibly displayed permit to the citing officer before the citing officer leaves the parking lot or parking area.

Citation issued outside officer's jurisdiction (e.g. federal property).

University error

Acceptable Reasons:

Parking lot not posted with a regulatory sign, missing sign or sign so obscured or defaced that it could not be read

Vehicle mistakenly not listed on the Do Not Cite list

Incorrect permit issued or no permit issued when fees paid

Another citation was issued for the same offense on the same calendar day at the same location.

Unacceptable Reasons:

Courtesy parking was not arranged by an individual or department prior to the issuance of a citation.

Violator objects to the size, design, location, or number of parking regulatory signs.

Other ("Compelling ectenuating circumstances")

Acceptable Reasons:

Permit was not visible but was in vehicle as shown to citing officer at time citation was issued.

Citing officer must still be in the parking lot or parking area.

Violator told by police officer or other UPD personnel that s/he could park in a specific area or manner and was then cited.

Statement will be verified with the identified UPD employee.

Permit stolen (requires a police report).

Violator was getting change for a parking meter or permit dispenser (10 minute maximum).

Unacceptable Reasons:

Violator was unaware s/he was in violation of a parking regulation; violator was not informed of parking regulations.

Violator didn't see a regulatory sign (but one was posted) or didn't understand the sign.

Violator is new to the area; violator is not familiar with the campus.

Violator is a new employee/consultant/student.

Permit left in another car, left at home, left at work.

Permit is not visible--permit is in the glovebox, under the front seat.

Permit lost but loss not reported to the police.

Vehicle in for repair, violator drove a rental/friend's/different vehicle.

Vehicle was only parked for a short period.

Violator was running an errand; violator was on university business.

Violator was late for class or late for a meeting.Violator left someone in the car.

Violator left the hazard lights on.

Violator left a note in the car explaining his/her whereabouts.

There was no convenient parking available.

The penalty is excessive; violator can't afford the penalty.

Police officer or CSO saw the violator park but took no action or did not warn the violator.

Someone other than the registered owner was driving the vehicle

Other violators in the area were not cited.

The violation was not enforced in the past.

Violator has parked in the same area before and did not receive a citation.

Violator never received a copy of the citation; violator didn't know about citation until s/he received a late notice.


All violations are classified as either public safety or non-public safety violations. Public safety violations are classified as such because they may pose a significant hazard to the general public. Accordingly, a public safety violation should not be dismissed unless it was precipitated by a bona-fide emergency situation.

The following parking violations are classified as public safety violations:

  • Parked in a red zone
  • Parked outside a marked stall
  • Parked on a crosswalk
  • Parked on a sidewalk
  • Double parked
  • Parked blocking a sidewalk access ramp
  • Parked in a disabled stall or space
  • Parked with the right wheels more than 18" from the right curb; right hand parallel parking required
  • Parked in a fire lane
  • Parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant

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