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All Black Gala 2019: Lessons from Ferguson

The All Black Gala is a formal event in celebration of Black Hxstory and the immense diversity of Black culture and brilliance. This year's program will reflect on the events leading up to Ferguson, MO.

February 10, 2019


University Center

CSUMB students with valid ID: Free; CSUMB faculty/staff/alumni: $5; Community: $10; VIP: $15

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6:00pm: Welcome

6:05pm: Black National Anthem

6:10pm: Welcome from Alliance

6:15pm: Spoken Word by Marcellus Buckley

6:30pm: Keynote: Michael Brown, Sr., and Dr. David Ragland

7:30pm: Q&A

8:00pm: Dessert Reception


Michael Brown Sr.

Michael Brown Sr.

In Ferguson, MO on August 9, 2014 unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, Jr. was shot and killed by white police officer Darren Wilson. Michael had just graduated from high school and was scheduled to begin vocational training classes just two days later. After his graduation, he told his father Michael Brown, Sr. “One day, the world is gonna’ know my name. I’ll probably have to go away for a while, but I’m coming back to save my city.” Unfortunately those words have come true for the Brown family, and Michael Brown, Sr. decided to turn the pain and challenges of losing his son into an opportunity of change. Thus, “Chosen for Change Foundation” was born in loving memory of Michael Brown, Jr. as an organization whose purpose is to empower youth by helping them realize their potential for greatness.

Marcellus Buckley

Marcellus Buckley

Marcellus Buckley is an internationally-known Activist, Humanitarian and Spoken Word Artist. After the tragic death of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson Missouri. Marcellus rode his bike everyday for 14 miles to Ground Zero during the uprising, to protest the injustice and continuous police brutality with his poetry. In doing so he would become known as the Ferguson Poet. Reaching voices and hearts as far as Africa, Japan, Europe and Guam. Even gaining the attention of celebrity artists such as poet Saul Williams, Amar'e Hardwick, J Cole , Fabulous, Young Thug, India Irie and Harry Belafonte. Marcellus has learned a lot from his mentors and other on how to give back and lend a hand in his community, to help save the world.

Dr. David Ragland

Dr. David Ragland

In the early days of the Ferguson Uprising, Dr. Ragland co-founded the “Truth Telling Project” so that marginalized voices could be heard and move society to lay a groundwork for healing, reconciliation and social transformation. He currently serves as visiting professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Community Liberation and Eco-Psychology. As an activist, educator, and scholar, Dr. Ragland focuses specifically on how our society conceives justice as retributive and proposes a shift toward restorative justice to transform communities and criminal justice systems. He weaves his personal experience of growing up in segregated St. Louis with the history of that city and nearby Ferguson, explaining how Ferguson became the new center of American racism and Black resistance.


General public: $10

CSUMB faculty/staff: $5

CSUMB students with valid ID: free

VIP Tickets

VIP tickets allows for entrance to a reception with the speakers. VIP tickets are limited and include entrance to the event.

VIP tickets are $15 across the board.

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