New Student Otter Orientation


Welcome to California State University, Monterey Bay! We are excited to welcome you to our campus where over 7,500 students combine to form an amazingly involved and diverse Otter family. CSUMB is a great place to be and we can't wait to show you more about the university at New Student Otter Orientation!

We are excited that you are about to become a fellow Otter and will be joining the CSUMB raft! Each semester the campus community presents New Student Otter Orientation to ensure your transition to CSUMB is successful.

After attending New Student Otter Orientation, new students, their families/supporters will:

  • Be able to navigate campus resources successfully
  • Begin to develop a sense of belonging on campus
  • Develop connections with students, staff, and faculty

For information about orientation registration, payment, and day-of logistics, please visit our home page.

OTEAM 2018

Mission of New Student Otter Orientation

New Student Otter Orientation aims to include all new first time (First Year and Transfer) students and their families/supporters as they acclimate and transition into the CSUMB community. By collaborating with campus partners, we will expose all new students to the resources available to them, providing social, academic, and campus integration in order to focus on student success and retention.

New Student Otter Orientation Values

  • Knowledge
  • Empowerment
  • Connectedness
  • Student Success
  • Retention
  • Holistic Development

Note: The following programs have their own orientations:

  1. Nursing
  2. CS Online
  3. 2+2+1 Teacher Pathway Program (Hartnell Partnership)
  4. Graduate programs & Credential programs
  5. International programs

Students enrolled in these programs should not sign-up for New Student Otter Orientation and instead, contact your program!

For useful tips and additional information, follow CSUMB Orientation on Instagram.