OC3 2018-2019 Internship

At the Otter Cross Cultural Center, we place a high value on developing students' cultural awareness, understanding of social justice, and growth during their time at CSUMB. This internship will provide a year-long experience focused on identity development, cross-culturalism, leadership, and professionalism. In addition, if chosen to be an OC3 intern, you will have at least 4-5 weekly office hours that you schedule with your student coordinator.

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Internship areas

Sustainability and Wellness

Cultural Arts

Cultural Enrichment Series


Educational Workshops


Otter Cross cultural center interns.

Internship application

Interested in the Internship? Follow this timeline!

OC3 Internship Application Timeline
8/29/2018 Applications Open!
9/6/2018; 9/7/2018 Meet & Greet Informational (9-10am on the 6th; 1-2 on the 7th @ the OC3)
9/14/2018 Applications close
9/17-9/21/2018 Interviews
9/29/2018  Intern Fall Retreat
10/1/2018 First Meeting (Intern Meetings Every Monday, 2-3PM @ OC3)


OC3 Internship Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to sign up? Who can apply to the internship?

All prospective interns must be a current student at CSUMB.

Is this a paid internship?

Unfortunately, this is not a paid internship. However, the experiences, connections, and memories that you will gain will be priceless!

How long is the internship?

The OC3 internship is a year-long commitment. Interns will be required to work both fall and spring semester.

Is the internship a very time consuming commitment?

Interns are required to commit at least 4-5 hours to the OC3 per week. Hourly breakdowns and duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Weekly Monday meetings
  • Scheduled meeting times/ office hours with Student Coordinator (est. 3+ hour)
  • Helping/attending with OC3 events (est. 1+ hours)

What will I get out of this internship?

That amount of commitment that interns decide to put in their internship experience will reflect the outcome of their experience. Come with an open mind because others will too!

What is a Student Coordinator?

Student Coordinators are student employees who are responsible for directly overseeing an OC3 programmatic area and serving as a general OC3 representative to the public. Student Coordinators will mentor their intern(s) through their year-long social justice journey during their internship.

How do interns get matched with their Student Coordinators?

During the application and interview process, students will list their top 3 choices of which programmatic areas they would like to intern for.

What do I do during my office hours?

Office hours consist of anything OC3-related.

Do I have to go to every weekly meeting?

Yes. Meetings are mandatory, unless told otherwise. However, if an intern must miss a meeting for an extenuating circumstance (i.e. getting sick) they can talk to the Internship Student Coordinator.

What happens during the intern meeting?

Monday meetings are times when interns get together in community to learn about a topic around diversity/social justice. These meetings are meant to be developmental and focused on interns' growth!