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OC3 2018-2019 Internship

At the Otter Cross Cultural Center, we place a high value on developing students' cultural awareness, understanding of social justice, and growth during their time at CSUMB. This internship will provide a year-long experience focused on identity development, cross-culturalism, leadership, and professionalism. In addition, if chosen to be an OC3 intern, you will have at least 4-5 weekly office hours that you schedule with your student coordinator.

Join the 2018-2019 Internship team!

Internship areas

Sustainability and Wellness

Cultural Arts

Cultural Enrichment Series


Educational Workshops


Otter Cross cultural center interns.

Internship application

Interested in the Internship? Follow this timeline!

OC3 Internship Application Timeline
8/29/2018Applications Open!
9/6/2018; 9/7/2018Meet & Greet Informational (9-10am on the 6th; 1-2 on the 7th @ the OC3)
9/14/2018Applications close
9/29/2018 Intern Fall Retreat
10/1/2018First Meeting (Intern Meetings Every Monday, 2-3PM @ OC3)

Otter Cross Cultural Center