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OC3 2019-2020 Internship

At the Otter Cross Cultural Center, we place a high value on developing students' cultural awareness, understanding of social justice, and growth during their time at CSUMB. This internship will provide a year-long experience focused on identity development, cross-culturalism, leadership, and professionalism. In addition, if chosen to be an OC3 intern, you will have at least 4-5 weekly office hours that you schedule with your student coordinator.

Join the 2019-2020 Internship team!

Internship areas

Sustainability and Wellness

Community Arts

Cultural Engagement

Signature Programs

Courageous Conversations

Assessment & Affinity Groups Assistant


Otter Cross cultural center interns.

Internship application

Interested in the Internship? Follow this timeline!

OC3 Internship Application Timeline
6/30/2019Applications Open!
9/11/2019Applications close
9/29/2018 Intern Fall Retreat

Weekly Intern Meetings will be from 12:30pm-2pm.

Otter Cross Cultural Center

(831) 582-4685