Affinity Celebrations

Affinity Graduations
The Affinity Celebrations honor the accomplishments and experiences of CSUMB graduates from historically marginalized backgrounds. Affinity Celebrations are free for graduates, their guests, and the campus community. We will follow up with you to arrange the planning dates and times. The planning committee will budget, plan, and execute an Affinity Celebrations. There are eight CSUMB Affinity Celebrations for graduating seniors, they are: Asian & Pacific Islander (APIA) Graduation, Black Grad, Chicanx/Latinx Grad, Native American Grad, Students with Disabilities Grad, Rainbow (LGBTQ+) Grad, Undoc-U (Undocumented) Grad, and Veteran Student Graduation. The ceremony and stoles are free of cost for students and guests.

Affinity Graduation Application

The Affinity Celebrations are in the process of being planned. Information regarding dates, times, and locations will be updated soon.

If you are alumni, faculty or staff looking to get involved in one or more of these affinity graduations, sign up in the form below.

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