Summer Research Symposium

With almost 100 student researchers working with numerous research institutions in the Monterey Bay area, there is certainly a lot to celebrate!

Event details:

On August 10, 2018, the 5th Annual CSUMB Summer Research Symposium will celebrate the research and creative activities of the undergraduate students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center (UROC), Monterey Bay Regional Ocean Sciences Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program, and Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Internship Program.


8:30 - 9:00
Registration & Coffee
9:00 - 9:15
Opening Remarks
9:15 - 10:30
Oral Presentations - Session 1: REU, Session 2: UROC
10:30 - 10:45 
Break, 15 mins
10:45 - 12:45
Oral Presentations - Session 3: REUSession 4: UROC 
12:45 - 1:15
Lunch, 45 mins
1:15 - 2:15
Oral Presentations​ -​ ​Session 5: NPS
2:15 - 2:45
Mentor Appreciation, Acknowledgements, & Closing Remarks by CSUMB Provost Dr. Bonnie Irwin, NPS Provost Dr. Steven R. Lerman and Congressman Jimmy Panetta
2:45 - 4:00
Poster Presentations - UROC, NPS, and Hartnell STEM Interns

Expand each section below for a detailed schedule of each oral presentation Session.

Session 1: REU

Location: Room 1188

Time Presenter

Cecelia Batterbee, Kimberly Null, Jenny Balmagia, & Ross Clark. "Effects of a treatment wetland-bioreactor system on nutrient loading in a Central California Coast watershed."


Arelys Chaparro & Dr. Eric Crandall. "A Possible New Species of Lottia Limpet from the Northeast Pacific."


Sarah Dahl & Dr. Wendell Nuss. "The extent and location of stratocumulus clouds along the California coast."


Nicholas Kolasa-Lenarz, Tim White, & Dr. Giulio De Leo. "Abiotic environmental drivers of toxigenic Pseudo-nitzschia blooms in Monterey Bay, CA."

10:15 Zachary Mize, Julia Stanganelli, Lindsay Gaskins, Dr. Kerstin Wasson, & Dr. Rikke Jeppesen. "Crab species richness and abundance within Elkhorn Slough with a focus on key species Pachygrapsus crassipes, Hemigrapsus oregonensis, Carcinus maenas within Elkhorn Slough."

Session 2: UROC

Location: Room 1180

Time Presenter & Title
9:15 Parker J. Smith, Crystal Arroyo, Felipe Lopez, & Dr. John Goeltz.  "Wet deep eutectic solvent or salty water? Yes." 

Camille Smith & Dr. Heather Haeger. "Boosting graduation rates: The impact of undergraduate research on graduation rates" 

9:45 Danielle Layne, Dr. Eric Martin, Dr. Ryan Luke, & Dr. George Beckham.   "Assessing explosiveness using a range of medicine ball weights for the backwards overhead medicine ball throw" 
10:00 Jordin Simons, Halima Mohammed, Ruqyah Sweidan, Jennifer Simpson,
Mary Sienko, Alyssa Camp, Michael Brydge.  "Holistic based approach to community development in Indian country: A step towards food sovereignty" 

Avery Calhoun & Dr. Christy Wyckoff.  "Drones, butterflies, and buckwheat: Habitat modeling on the Santa Lucia Preserve" 

Session 3: REU

Location: Room 1188

Time Presenter
10:45 Larissa Neilson, Dr. Jim Barry, Dr. Charles Boch, Chris Lovera, & Steve Litvin. "Effects of current and future upwelling conditions on the growth and survivorship of Haliotis rufescens."

Alexandrea Otto, Shawn Hannah, Cassondra Williams, Allyson Hindle, & Dr. Gitte McDonald. "Heart rate and heart rate variability in northern elephant seals under different handling conditions."


Luis D. Pérez, Casey J. Gon, Matt K. Gough, Thomas M. Freismuth, & James H. MacMahan. "Observations of infragravity (30s-5min) surges (waves) in intertidal rocky channels."


Omar Ramzy & Dr. James Lindholm.  "Habitat associations and behavior of Halfbanded Rockfish (Sebastes semicinctus) in the mid-depth photic zone of the Carmel undersea canyon."


Richard A. Rodriguez & Dr. Kakani Katija. "Development Of A Motion-Tracking Invertebrate Tag (iTAG)"

Julia Stanganelli, Dr. Rikke Jeppesen, Dr. Kerstin Wasson, Zachary Mize, & Lindsay Gaskins. "Factors influencing the abundance and decline of an invasive Japanese mudsnail, Batillaria attramentaria, at Elkhorn Slough Estuary."
12:15 Brianna Villalon, Tim Frawley, & Larry Crowder. "Socio-ecological interactions within small-scale fisheries: Ultralight vms tracking in the Gulf of California "

Session 4: UROC

Location: Room 1180

Time Presenter

Gabriella Kalbach & Dr. Kerry Nickols.  "Impacts of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) growth on ocean chemistry in central California." 

11:00 Nikki Edmiston & Dr. Jenny Lin. "How different factors of empowerment and monetary means affect a mothers decision making." 
11:15 Madison Bashford, Dr. Nicholas Carey, Dr. Jody Beers, Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen.  "Kinematics and metabolic cost of ram feeding in an iconic schooling fish." 
11:30 Victoria Assad, K.L. Smith, & C. Huffard.  "Climate change influences on Tergivelum baldwinae, a benthic acorn worm, population densities and behavior." 

Timothy Geary & Dr. David Danks.   "Balancing the benefits of autonomous vehicles."   Full Abstract.

12:00 Maria Teresa Hernandez, Sergio Parra, Frances Wong, & Dr. Judith Canner.   "Fitting classical mathematical models to small data sets from Lewis lung and human breast carcinomas." 

Kyler Aqueche, Subha Sadhu, Dr. Dario Bassani, Dr. Thierry Buffeteau, Dr. Lionel Hirsc, & Dr. John Goeltz.   "Self assembly of fluorinated porphyrin monolayers on methylammoniumleadiodide perovskite surface."

Session 5: NPS

Location: Room 1188

Presenter Name
1:04 Nicole Polo & Dr. Christopher Brophy. "Low Cost Countermeasures Against Drone Swarm Threats."
Martin Alejandro Ahumada Padilla, Brandon Naylor, Alan Howard, & Dan Nussbaum. "Scheduling Bulk Fuel Transportation from Ship to Shore."
1:30 Divya Rao & Mrs. Donna Miller. "Inventory Management with Facial Recognition."
Avantika Ghosh & Professor Arijit Das. "Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms on Detecting Anomalous Behavior in Aircraft Data."
2:56 Amanda Coleman & Dr. Richard C. Olsen. "Classification of Airborn Full-Waveform Topographic LiDAR of the Monterey Peninsula."
REU student presenting a poster
UROC students at Year End Celebration
UROC student Jordan working on a computer
UROC student working underwater

Every year, we encourage all interested campus, research and community partners to attend, as well as friends and family of our students.

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Summer research workshop, students playing an ice-breaking game
REU student working in a research lab
REU students learning basic GIS skills during a summer workshop